Misti Mosteller for Judge

Becoming a lawyer was not something I had always planned on as a career. People said I should be a lawyer because I liked to argue. Reflecting on those statements, I wasn’t arguing. I was insisting on being heard and having my point of view considered. I became an attorney because I wanted to do that for others.

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My Legal Career

My primary practice has involved products liability. However, I have added an array of legal practice areas to my legal experience. I have handled employment law cases, contract disputes, and I have also represented parents in family law cases to assist with custody issues. I am also a certified mediator. Mediation training has allowed me to have a better understanding of the opposing side and how to negotiate with empathy while still doing the best job for my clients. 

After passing the bar in November of 1999, I accepted a job offer from DeHay & Elliston – a defense firm. My first week as an attorney, I took my first deposition. Over my career, I have taken hundreds of depositions of plaintiffs, fact witnesses, and expert witnesses. I learned one thing from that first deposition – to listen for an understanding, and not simply a response.


As I grew as an attorney, I took on the responsibility of training and mentoring young associates. I wanted our workspace to be a place, young people starting their career, could ask questions without feeling judged. I wanted them to be heard and to know their feelings about certain matters did not exist in a vacuum. I wanted them to understand it’s normal and appropriate to have human emotions in the performance of the work we do. My goal was to help them channel those feelings to find the solutions for their clients and respectfully negotiate with the opposition.


In 2008, I became a partner with DeHay & Elliston.  I've handled cases in federal court, district court, and county court. I'm licensed and practice in three states--Texas, Oklahoma, and Michigan. I have prepared hundreds of cases for trial and negotiated hundreds of settlements. I learned to find solutions in which both my clients and opposing counsel felt the result was fair and equitable. I believe in education. During my legal career I have sought out opportunities to learn and to teach. My most memorable opportunities are when I co-authored "Asbestos & Criminal Liability: A Case Study of U.S. v. W. R.  Grace--Could You Be Next?", which I co-presented at the Defense Research Institute's annual Asbestos Medicine Conference in November 2009.  In 2014, I wrote an article (unpublished) arguing Loving v. Virginia case, in which a Caucasian man and an African American woman desired to be married in Virginia. Because of Jim Crow laws they had to take their fight to the U.S. Supreme Court for the right to marry as an interracial couple. I argued in my article this case extended the constitutional right of marriage to gay couples. In 2021, I wrote and presented a CLE on Various Roles of Attorney and Judicial Ethics.  

I want my legacy as an attorney and a judge to be one in which people knew the authenticity of my words and deeds, and I was true to my conviction - service to people. I am extremely honored Plaintiff attorneys who've served on the opposing side are encouraging my run for Judge of Dallas County Court-at-Law No. 3.


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